What is uTrading Referral Program?

The uTrading have Referral Reward ?

Every user has a chance to get a reward for inviting members to uTrading.

To get a reward, simply copy the referral link from your account settings and share it with your friends. As long as you successfully invite three members to purchase uGas, can upgrade to C-VIP1.

For example, If you are C-VIP1, successfully invite a member to purchase uGas,you will get 20% of their payment credited to your referral balance. You have the option to use this balance for uTrading's services or withdraw it to your wallet.

The more people you invite, The more your reward ratio will increase.

The following table:

Different C-VIP levels, the required upgrade conditions, and corresponding reward percentages.

LevelDIRECT ACTIATE MEMBERSTeam LevelTeam RewardsPeer Award













3 C-VIP1





3 C-VIP2





3 C-VIP3





3 C-VIP4





3 C-VIP5



Reward Rules:

  1. Users who have completed the buy of the uGas are the activated members.

  2. Members who meet the requirements will need to manually upgrade to the next C-VIP level.

  3. The team profit ratio is the proportion of team profit you can allocate to your team, and the reward ratio for each level is the Level Differential Ratio .

  4. Each time you upgrade to a new level, you will start calculating the current number of direct push users again.

  5. Peer Award is the bonus you get when your subordinate members reach the same C-VIP level as you (i.e. there is no Level Ratio Differential bonus in your sub commission chain).

  6. The rebate is paid in real time to your uTrading’s USDT account in USDT and can be withdrawn instantly,The details of rebate are available in the “Mine”=>”Team” page of the uTrading’s app.

  7. Any member of uTrading, as long as they refer 3 active members, can enjoy a 20% USDT rebate on the uGas cost of your team member.

  8. The members of C-VIP6 level can get 60% rebate.

  9. After your members completes the uGas purchase, the USDT will be returned immediately and can be withdrawn immediately for you. When the commission amount is greater than 1 USDT, you can withdraw.

  10. When there is no difference rebate between the superior and the superior, the superior can directly get 10% rebate, each branch line can accommodate 2 equal awards, 60%+20%=80%, the platform can achieve 80% rebate. Most of the remaining 20% profit will be used for TBT repurchase, and a small part will be used for the daily expenses of the operation and R&D teams.

  11. Your rebate rights are permanently valid and will not be downgraded.

Does uTrading have team rewards?

Getting commissions from indirect downlines is also a kind of team reward.

C-VIP3, C-VIP4, C-VIP5, and C-VIP6 all have peer rewards, and C-VIP2, C-VIP3, C-VIP4, C-VIP5, and C-VIP6 also have grade difference rewards from downline users.

For example, if you are C-VIP3, if your downline leader is C-VIP1. Then you can get 20% commission from his team (every downline). 40% minus 20% equals 20%, and this part is the level difference reward.

For example, if you are C-VIP3, if your downline leader is also C-VIP3. Then you can get 10% commission from his team (each downline). This part is the peer reward, a fixed ratio.

We are also considering setting up a separate team reward, such as a TBT token reward pool. or other. You are welcome to make more suggestions. We hope that every leader can become a long-term partner of uTrading, enjoy the dividends brought by development, and holding TBT is like holding uTrading stocks.

Email: admin@utrading.io

TBT (Trade Boost Token) : https://t.me/Trade_Boost_Token

uTrading Channel: https://t.me/uTrading_Channel

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