Binance - API Import Guide

Please follow the instructions in the pictures below:

Security tip: Before creating an API, you need to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account.

Step 1: Logging into your account with Binance app, enter [Home] page, and then click on the [User Icon] in the upper left corner. As follows:

Step 2: On the [User Center] page, click [More Services]. As follows:

Step 3: On the [Services] page, slide to the bottom of page and find [API]. As follows:

Step 4: Enter the [API Management] page, copy [API Key], and then click [Create API] , enter a label/name for your API key.

Step 4: Enter the [API Management-Settings] page, and then choose API Key type, It is recommended to select [System generated]. and click [Next]. As follow:

Step 5: Enter the [API Management-Settings] page, and then Enter [uTrading], click [Next]. As follow:

Step 6: After entering the security verification page, click [Get Verification Code], enter the email verification code, mobile verification code and Google verification code, and then click [Submit].

Step 7: Your API is now created, click the [Edit] button to modify the API permissions; and tick the options of [Enabel Spot & Margin Trading] and [Enable Futures]; You also need to fill in the IP group of the uTrading server, then click [Save].

Tips: You must first create an account of futures and complete the futures risk quiz before you can see the “Enable Futures” option.

pageI don't see an option to "Enable Futures" when creating the Binance API.

IP group of the uTrading server:

Please copy and paste all the above IPs at once.

Tips: [ Secret Key ] Only once appeared, please copy it first. Because when you leave this API creation page, it no longer appears. Step 8: Open the uTrading APP, go to the [Home] page, and then click [API Binding]. As follows:

Step 9: Enter the [API Binding] page, and then click [Binance]. As follow:

Step 10: Open the API import page, paste the [API Key] and [Secret Key] from the Binance into uTrading, click [Import] after filled. As follow:

Success! If you have successfully completed these steps, the status will show as "API is running normally".

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