Why the Robot Paused?

Why the robot paused?

  1. Manual Paused If you have manually paused the bot, you can go to the bot details page and click the [Resume] button in the bottom left corner to run the bot again.

  2. Invalid API-key No trading permissions. Solution:

Insufficient API Key Trading Permissions: How to Modify API Key Trading Permissions?

Removed API key by the exchange. No trading for a long time, causing the API key to expire. Solution:

What Should I Do If the API Key is Deleted in Binance?& What Should I Do If the API Key Expires?
  1. Insufficient Energy The balance in your Energy account has been unable to pay the bill, causing the bots to be paused. Recharge the Energy, and then go to the details page to click [Resume].

  2. Insufficient Margin The positions for trading are less than the minimum volume of trading required by the exchange. If it does not work after trying to resume running, please restart the robot.

  3. Transaction Error Unknown reasons cause the robot to fail to trade normally. Please check your trading permissions of the API key on the exchanges and try to resume running again.

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