Frequently Akded Questions about the uTrading App

1) What is the minimum amount to use the uTrading App? 💡 No less than 100USDT in your available account.

2) Which Exchanges are supported? 💡 Currently Binance, Binance US, OKX, Bybit, Bitget, Kucoin, Kraken,Htx Global. More to come so stay tuned.

3) Is it safe? 💡 Yes, Your capital is held 100% on the exchange, and uTrading cannot withdraw your funds.

4) What is the average profit using the futures market? 💡 Average of 2-4% daily following the default params. However, whether the strategy can be normally profitable needs the cooperation of the market.

5) Are you at risk of losing money? 💡 Yes, if you to running bot of futures use the wrong way your margin gets high and reaches 100% you can be liquidated. Always follow the masked security recommendations. Consult upline or customer service personnel.

6) How much will cost to use it? 💡 It is free to download,install, regitster and start spot bots. The robot will consume uGas when opening a position.For example the position amount is 1000 usdt, then uGas worth 1 USDT will be consumed, which is 100 uGas.

7) Does it work on Android and iPhone? 💡 Yes, uTrading App fully compatible with iOS and Android, providing a smooth user experience.

8) The download address for Android and iPhone? 💡 Android: 💡 iOS(TestFlight):

9) Do you have limits on Deposit? 💡 No, you can deposit the amount you want.

10) Do I need to leave the application or internet on? 💡 No, After Launching robot you can leave the internet or exit application ,the bots runs 100% in the cloud.

11) How does it generate profit? 💡 It has profit strategies for different markets, you can refer to the official user manual for details.

12) Is there any benefit of referral? 💡 Yes, After invited 3 members by your referral link, you can start enjoying USDT rebate from team members, up to 60%.

13) Do I need to understand graphics to profit? 💡 No, just follow the tutorial and let the app work.

14) Can I withdraw the profit daily? 💡 Yes, Anytime. it is in your account, you can do whatever you want with your money and application.

15) Does it running 24 hours a day? 💡 Yes, the cryptocurrency market works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stop and there are no holidays.

16) Can uGas be Exchanged for USDT? 💡 No, uGas cannot be exchanged for USDT, and cannot be transferred to others. uGas is a virtual commodity, is non-refundable.

17) Can I change the email address of my account? 💡 No, Modification is not currently supported.

18) Can I change the email address of my account? 💡 No, Modification is not currently supported.

More questions, please submit to the feedback of the app, we are happy to solve it for you!

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