Insufficient API Key Trading Permissions: How to Modify API Key Trading Permissions?

Try to bind the IP group provided by uTrading on the exchange, take Binance as an example below.

Step 1: Logging into your account with Binance app, enter [Home] page, and then click on the [User Center] in the upper left corner. As follows:

Step 2: On the [User Center] page, click [More Services]. As follows:

Step 3: On the [Services] page, slide to the bottom of page and find [API]. As follows:

Step 4: Enter the [API Management-Settings], then click [Edit] and expand the content. As follows:

Step 5: Fill in the IP addresses (if you haven’t already). As follows:

IP group of the uTrading server:

Step 6: Check the options of [Enabel Spot & Margin Trading] and [Enable Futures], and then click [Save]. As follows:

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