How to Deposit the USDT on the uTrading?

Here is an example of transferring USDT from the Binance account to the uTrading.

Step 1: Sign in to the uTrading App, First click on [Assets] page, and then click on [Deposit]. As follow:

Step 2: Enter deposit page, Click on [Polygon(Matic)], and Options will appear on the page, then you can select the main chain network you want. Polygon(Matic) is the top recommendation. As follow:

Step 3: Enter the deposit page again, There are two ways to charge. Way 1: Scan the QR code to deposit; Way 2: Using the deposit address provided by uTrading. As follow:

Step 4: Sign into the Binance App and enter the [Wallets] page. next click on [Funding], and then click on [Withdraw]. As follow:

Step 5: Enter the [Withdraw] crypto list, enter the USDT to search and choose [USDT]. As follow:

Step 6: After selecting USDT, an option will pop up, and click on [Send via Crypto Network]. As follow:

Step 7: Enter the [Send USDT] page, Paste the deposit address of your uTrading’s account, next Choose the network [Polygon], and then fill in at least 16 for the Amount (Including 1 USDT network fee), and Finally click on [Withdraw]. As follow:

Note: You need to carefully check the accuracy of the deposit address, avoiding charging to the wrong address.

Step 8: After passing the security verification, the entire withdrawal process has been completed. Wait for about two or three minutes, and you will see the USDT balance in your uTrading‘s account.

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