Bybit - API Import Guide

Please follow the detailed process below: Managing API keys is not currently supported on the Coinbase Pro mobile app.

Step 1: Sign into your Bybit account with web browser, click on the [User Icon] in the top right of the main page. and then click [API], As follow:

Step 2: Go to [API Management] page, Click on the [Create New Key] button. As follow:

Step 3: Enter [Select API Key Type] page, and choose [System-generated API Keys]. As follow:

Step 4: Configure permissions,as shown below. As follow:

IP group of the uTrading server:,,,,,,,,,

Please copy and paste all the above IPs at once.

Step 5: Enter 2 FA code sent to your Google Authenticator application. and then click [Confirm]. As follow:

Step 6: The API Secret code is shown only once. Safely save the API Secret code at this step. As follow:

Step 7: Open the uTrading APP, go to the [Home] page, and then click [API Binding]. As follows:

Step 8: Enter the [API Binding] page, and then click [Bybit]. As follow:

Step 9: Open the API import page, paste the [API Key] and [API Secret] from the Bybit into uTrading, click [Import] after filled. As follow:

Success! If you have successfully completed these steps, the status will show as "API is running normally".

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