How to Get Started?

Step1️⃣ Register the uTrading.

Step2️⃣ Download the app.

Step3️⃣ Login in your account in app.

Step4️⃣ Deposit USDT to uTrading.

Step5️⃣ Buy uGas.

Step6️⃣ Import the API of the exchange.

Step7️⃣ Binding your account to Telegram.

Step8️⃣ Launchthe bot and start making money automatically.

Appendix: 🔸 Quickly Register on Telegram: 🔸 Recommend Available Capital of Exchange: Not less than 100USDT. 🔸 Follow the tutorial to create and bind the API Key in just a few minutes. 🔸 For beginners, enable automated trading and signal trading, which pose extremely low risk and offer high profits from a one-month perspective.

🔸 If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service team:

How to Deposit the USDT on the uTrading?How to Buy the uGas on the uTrading?Create APIHow to Start a Robot on the uTrading for beginners?

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