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How to Create Huobi API Key?

1.Sign into your Huobi account with app and click on “Me” in the bottom right of the main page:
2.On the “Me” page, click the “Settings” icon, as shown below
3.On the “Settings” page, click Trading Setting
4. On the “Trading Setting” page, click “API Management”
5. On the “API Management” page, click “Create API”
6. Open the page for creating API, configure according to the instructions in the figure below, and then click “Confirm”. notice:You must check the “Read” and “Trade” options.
IP group of the uTrading server:,,,,,,,,,
Please copy and paste all the above IPs at once.
7. Open the security verification page, click “Confirm” after filled
8. At this point, the API-Key creation have completed, do not close the current page, and you will need to copy the Access Key and Secret Key later
9. Open the uTrading APP, enter the home page, and click “API Binding”
10. Open the API Binding page and click Huobi Global
11. Open the API import page, copy API-Key from Huobi App and then paste to uTrading,click “Import” after filled.
Success! If you have successfully completed these steps, the working status will be set to “Active”.