How to Change the OKX’s Position Type to Long/Short Mode?

Normally, if you have no positions in your Okx’s account when you use uTrading for the first time, the position type will automatically switch to [Open/Close mode], so that the robot can be started smoothly.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that you may also encounter situations where automatic switching cannot be performed. Then you need to go to Okx to manually select the [Open/Close mode] which supports long and short positions at the same time.

Please follow the instructions in the pictures below:

Step 1: Open OKX App, log in to your account, click [Trade] on homepage bottom to enter the trading page, and then Click on the icon in the upper right corner, As follow:

Step 2: Click [Settings] on the page, As follow:

Step 3: Enter the settings page, Select [Position Mode], As follow:

Step 4: Tick [Open/Close Mode] as a successful modification, As follow:

Since uTrading opens long and short positions on the same crypto at the same time, it is necessary to choose [Open/Close mode].

[Open/Close mode]: You can place both open (long/short) and close (long/short) orders. This mode allows you to hold two-way positions.

[Buy/Sell mode]: You can only place buy or sell orders, and hold one-way positions under either isolated or cross margin mode.

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