How to Start Manual Trading?

Here is an example of Launching a robot on the uTrading

Step 1: Open and sign in to the uTrading App, First click on [Trades]; and then click on [Robot]; it is suggest to starting AI DCA (Futures), Next click on [Start]. As follow:

Step 2: Enter the parameter configuration page of robot of the AI DCA (Futures) , and click on [BTC/USDT] to choose the crypto what you want to trading. As follow:

Step 3: Click on [Search] and enter the coin symbol to search, then choose the crypto you want. As follow:

Step 4: After selecting the crypto, launch directly. For these parameter configuration, you don't need to understand them now, choose the "AI DCA" robot, and AI will automatically fill in the parameters for you and adjust them during operation. After using it for a while, you will naturally be familiar with what each parameter does. Finally click on [Launch]. As follow:

Step 5: Switch to the [Running], you can see the robot you have successfully started. As follow:

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