What Is the AI Grid Trading Strategy?

What is the AI Grid Trading Strategy?

The AI Grid Trading Strategy is a trading strategy for swings market for spot based on the classic grid strategy what deep optimization of the return/risk ratio by uTrading team.

The AI grid strategy is an automated strategy that executes buying low and selling high in a specific price range. You only need to set the highest price and lowest price in the range, determine the number of grids to be subdivided, and start running the strategy. The strategy calculates the price of each small grid to buy low and sell high, automatically placing orders, and continuously absorbing low and sell high to earn the profit brought by volatility as the market fluctuates.

Profitability of AI grid strategy

By setting the price range, the robot will divide the funds into many parts, buy one if the price falls by one grid, then place a sell order that is one grid higher than the buying price, and sell when the price rises to this grid. Each time the selling price is a little higher than the buying price. If it keeps falling, keep buying until the lower limit of the range; If it keeps rising, keep selling until the upper limit of the range. If the price goes up or down, buy low and sell high. In this way, with market fluctuations and cyclic placing orders and transactions, you can continue to earn fluctuation gains in the volatile market.

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