What is the Trailing Take-Profit?

Here we take the spot position as an example. In order to expand the profit when the market price rises, the take-profit is not executed according to the pre-set take-profit ratio, but market price is continuously monitored, and the take profit is not executed until the price retraces.

The Trailing Take-Profit mechanism can help you not miss the unilateral rise and capture more profits.

Both the DAC and Grid strategies of uTrading have the option of setting the Trailing Take-Profit. You can enable the Trailing Take-Profit function by opening and filling the ratio of the “Trailing Profit(%)” option.

To execute a complete Trailing Take-Profit, 2 conditions must be met:

  1. When the market falls from the highest point to the current price, the retrace ratio must be greater than the pre-set ratio of “Trailing Profit(%)”.

  2. Since the last time the position was opened, the market price has increased more than the “Take Profit(%)”

The following figure is a schematic diagram of Trailing Take-profit.

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