How to Sending Copy Trading Information

Here is an example of Launching a robot on the uTrading

Step 1: Open and sign in to the uTrading App, First click on [Signals]; Click the Telegram icon in the upper-right corner. As follow:

Step 2: Page Redirect, and Click [Open] to launch Telegram. As follow:

Step 3: Enter Telegram page, automatically Pop Up [/start], and uTrading Bot will automatically replies [successful associated account!]. As follow:

Step 4: Click the [Menu] button, and then Click [manage your copy trading]. As follow:

Step 5: Click the “+" icon to add a new copy trade to the list. As follow:

Step 6: Fill out the copy trade Token list as required and send it to uTrading Bot. As follow:

Step 7: Click [Back] after sending. As follow:

Step 8: Select the newly created Copy Trading. As follow:

Step 9: You can freely edit the Name, Symbols, Title, and Description of the copy trade. All the changes you make will be reflected in the copy trade information. As follow:

Step 10: Click [Send] after setting up the copy trade content you wish to send out. As follow:

Step 11: Enter the ID of the downline to whom you want to send the copy trade information, then hit [Send]. As follow:

Step 12: Confirm that the information is correct and click [Yes] to complete the sending of the copy trade information. As follow:

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