Frequently Akded Questions about the uTrading App

1) What is the minimum amount to use the uTrading App? Answer: 100 USDT in your brokerage account.

2) Which broker works? Answer: Currently Binance,Okx and Bybit,HTX Global, Kraken by API-Key.

3) Is it safe? Answer: Yes, totally it operates by API-Key, the money stays 100% in the broker.

4) What is the average profit using the futures market? Answer: Average of 2-4%/daily following the default params. However, whether the strategy can be profitable according to normal needs the cooperation of the market.

5) Are you at risk of losing money? Answer: Yes, if you to running bot of futures use the wrong way your margin gets high and reaches 100% you can be liquidated, always follow the masked security recommendations.

6) How much will cost to use it? Answer: It is free to download,install, regitster and start spot bots, but running futures bots it is prepaid to operate for you, minimum of 10 usdt to buy 1,000 uGas. On average, when you make a profit of 100 USDT, you need to consume 10 USDT worth of uGas.

7) Does it work on Android and iOS? Answer: Currently, uTrading App fully compatible with iOS and Android, providing a smooth user experience. We continue to optimize support for iOS and Android, Thank you for your understanding and patience.

8) Do you have limits on bank values? Answer: No, you can put the amount you want, there is a suggestion table up to 24 million dollars.

9) Do I need to leave the application or internet on? Answer: No, After Launching robot you can leave the internet or exit application ,the bots runs 100% in the cloud.

10) How does it generate profit? Answer: It has profit strategies for different markets, you can refer to the official user manual for details.

11) Is there any benefit of referral? Answer: Yes, Any uTrading member, as long as they successfully invite three members to purchase uGas, can upgrade to C-VIP1. Afterward, they can start enjoying USDT rebates from team members, up to 60% maximum.

12) Do I need to understand graphics to profit? Answer: No, just follow the tutorial and let the app work.

13) Can I withdraw the profit daily? Answer: Yes, the money is yours and it is in your brokerage account, you can do whatever you want with your money and application.

14) Does it profit 24 hours a day? Answer: Yes, the cryptocurrency market works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stop and there are no holidays.

15) Can uGas Be Exchanged for USDT? Answer: No, uGas cannot be exchanged for USDT, and cannot be transferred to others.

More questions, please submit to the feedback of the app, we are happy to solve it for you!



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